About Me

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Hello! My name is Ramy Fawaz, and I love making, playing, and talking about video games.


I made my very first video game in high school and later went on to earn a Computer Science Degree at the University of Michigan (Go Blue!) so that I could learn how professional games are made. After selecting game development as my senior design specialty, I worked on a range of projects including a split-screen Battle Royale, a Microsoft Kinect inspired physical therapy game and an experimental study into the efficacy of the Unreal Engine for educational purposes at the university.

Since then, my time has been dedicated to analyzing, programming, designing, and discussing anything related to video games. I took a deep dive into the design language of dungeons in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and then proceeded to make a playable dungeon of my own within the Unity engine. I partnered up with friends to develop power-ups for a competitive multiplayer title in a week-long Game Jam. I've released dozens of articles and videos picking apart gameplay experiences as well as the industry as a whole. I've even recorded 49 episodes of a Nintendo podcast.

Most recently, I decided to take a stab at the First-Person Shooter genre with a project called Rift Shot. My goal was to learn the design fundamentals behind punchy "feel good" gunplay. Rift Shot is currently still in the prototype phase of development, but you can learn more about it (or any of my other games) on the game development page for this site. 

At work, I'm a Product Owner for Snagit. In other words, I help define and champion the vision for the software. Although my educational training skews more towards an engineering point-of-view, I found that my true passion was understanding user problems and helping to keep those problems clear while developing solutions. This passion motivated me to tackle challenges that were uncharacteristic of my original programming position; like defining user stories and hosting user tests.