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About Me


My name is Ramy Fawaz. I'm a former Software Engineer turned Product Owner who enjoys making games in my free time. 

I've completed a multitude of game projects, including a first-person shooter (Rift Shot), a classic 2D "shmup" (Particle Shooter), and my own C++ game engine (Fuzzy2D). My project history has given me experience in engine programming, level design, 3D modeling, gameplay analysis, and group collaboration.


Game Projects

PS Picture.png

Fuzzy2D & Particle Shooter

Classic "shump" made with my own custom C++ game engine.

RS Picture.png

Rift Shot

First-Person Shooter with a focus on game design and 3D modeling.

Zelda Picture.png

A Link to the Past Dungeon

A new Zelda dungeon with unique puzzles, items, and enemies.

Natural Selection Picture.png

Natural Perfection

4-Player local multiplayer shooter.

Friends Picture.png

Friends 'til the End

Split-screen Battle Royal where you'll hunt, fish and fight.

Unlit Picture.png

Advanced Directed Study

A flurry of game demos meant to evaluate the use of Unreal Engine for my University.

Work Experience

For the past six years, I've worked at TechSmith- a Michigan based software company best known for their screen capture software like Snagit and Camtasia. 

Software Engineer (2015 - 2020)

As a Software Engineer on the Snagit team, I've participated in four Snagit releases implementing marquee features, including Panoramic Capture, Smart Move, and Templates. My cross-platform efforts have given me a professional experience working with C++, C#, Objective-C, and Swift. 

Product Owner (2020 - 2021)

In 2020, I fostered a new research standard for Snagit by organizing and hosting TechSmith's very first Google Ventures Design Sprint. Since introducing the "Design Sprint" to our research process, I've facilitated two more Design Sprints for Snagit and have been asked to help other parts of the company adopt the practice. These sprints have directly influenced the strategic roadmap for multiple  Snagit releases. My commitment to user experiences and the agile design philosophy has led to the introduction of a variety of team norms for Snagit, including wider adoption of user stories/personas, sprint demos, sprint retros, and better cross-platform communication.


As a result of my efforts, I was given the opportunity to become one of two Product Owners for Snagit, where it is now my responsibility to help define the vision for the product. My day-to-day consists of discussing strategic goals for Snagit, presenting those goals to the development team, and balancing the business wants with the realities of making software. 

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