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Rift Shot

Shield Level Walkthrough

Gun Range Walkthrough

Description:  A First-Person Shooter made in the Unity Engine. The primary goal of Rift Shot was to recreate a traditional FPS gameplay experience while learning how to design a 3D game world.


  • Scripted FPS engine essentials, including a first-person camera, controls, and combat.

  • Created a dynamic pathing tool that allows placement markers in Unity Editor to influence enemy positioning directly.

  • Programmed and designed three enemy types, three player weapons, and one level.

  • 3D modeled player weapons and the entire Shield Level Blockout in Autodesk Maya LT.

Project Length: 3 Months

Team Size: 1

Languages: C#

Tools: Unity Engine, Autodesk Maya LT, GitHub, GitKraken, and Adobe Illustrator

Attributions: Some art assets and sounds were purchased or taken from free online resources.

Downloads: Shield Level (Windows 64-bit) / Gun Range Test Harness

3D Modeling Examples

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Design Notes

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Design: As per the Design Goals for Rift Shot, I wanted to design gunplay that gave players an appreciable sense of control and impact. Each gun has its own fire rate, damage, recoil, accuracy, speed impact, scope visibility, animations, and sounds. Guns will also leave a visual and physical impact on enemies, including special sound effects, damage number indicators, UI flourishes, and movement force when damage is large enough.

So far, I've implemented three enemy designs to help fulfill the movement and strategy goals for Rift Shot:

  • Boom Seedling

    • A slow-moving flyer that can effortlessly chase the player across any environment. Once a Seedling gets close enough to a player, it initiates a devastating self-destruct sequence. Boom Seedlings keep players from staying in one place while also offering an opportunity to take down other enemies/objects with their destructive power. ​

  • Mage Sprite

    • An enemy capable of teleporting anywhere necessary to fire its projectiles at players. The Mage Sprite's small size and added vulnerability on its head make it a prime target for higher accuracy weapons. If a player escapes its vision for too long, it will teleport to a new location where it can see the player once again. The Mage Sprite's movement script is designed to keep players from camping or hiding within an environment.

  • Hammer Slayer

    • ​The first "Boss" enemy designed in the game. The Slayer can slash, smash, and fire at the player. Slashing prevents players from reaching the Slayer's weak spot too easily, as the attack triggers whenever a player gets too close. Smashing has a similar effect as the Slayer ripples a wave across the ground- pushing players to seek elevation and run. The Slayer fires large projectiles that can be parried back for a "stun" opportunity. 

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