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Friends 'til the End

Description: Friends 'til the End is perhaps the most confusingly named game I've ever worked on considering it's not about friendship. As the final project for my Senior Design course, Friends 'til the End represents months of iteration, resulting in a Battle Royale style experience years before the days of Apex Legends and Fortnite

The goal was to try and offer players powerful and time-sensitive decisions while being hunted by their enemies. Spending time fishing might give you more items, but you'll find that your attack power will be less than a player who spent their time-fighting mobs of enemies. These decisions were inspired by the skilling mechanics in RuneScape

I designed and scripted the combat, controls, UI, camera, and fishing mechanics. I also curated the project documentation from the initial gameplay pitch to the final showcase presentation.

Project Length: 2 Months

Team Size: 3

Languages: C#

Tools: Unity Engine, Dropbox, and Google Drive

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