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What is Snagit?

Snagit is a screen capture tool geared towards aiding in technical communication. It's often times referred to a "powered-up snipping tool." Snagit is developed by TechSmith, a Michigan founded tech company that is also well known for its Camtasia video editor. I've been a user of Snagit since I was an intern in college so I was beyond excited to contribute to the Snagit team when I got hired by TechSmith in 2015. 

Product Owner (2020 - 2021), Software Engineer (2015 - 2020)

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In 2020, I fostered a new research standard for Snagit by organizing and hosting TechSmith's very first Google Ventures Design Sprint. Since introducing the "Design Sprint" to our research process, I've facilitated two more Design Sprints for Snagit and have been asked to help other parts of the company adopt the practice. These sprints have directly influenced the formation and project documentation for multiple features for both upcoming and previous Snagit releases. My commitment to user experiences and the agile design philosophy has led to the introduction of a variety of team norms for Snagit, including wider adoption of user stories/personas, sprint demos, sprint retros, and better cross-platform communication.


As a result of my efforts, I was given the opportunity to become one of two Product Owners for Snagit, where it is now my responsibility to help define the vision for the product. My day-to-day consists of discussing strategic goals for Snagit, presenting those goals to the development team, and balancing the business wants with the realities of making software. 

As a Software Engineer on the Snagit team, I've participated in four Snagit releases implementing marquee features, including Panoramic Capture, Smart Move, and Templates. My cross-platform efforts have given me a strong programming familiarity with various languages, including C++, C#, Objective-C, and Swift. 

During my time at TechSmith, I discovered a passion for designing user experiences. For example, while planning for the Snagit 2019 release, I gathered the current business needs surrounding our upcoming Simplified User Interfaces feature and developed user stories that clearly defined the goals for the project. These stories were later approved by the Snagit stakeholders and consistently utilized throughout the development process to clarify priorities and determine success during user tests.

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