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Advanced Directed Study

Description:  Due to a strong relationship I had built with the "game professor" at the University of Michigan, I was offered the opportunity to spend a semester studying the Unreal Engine to help determine its validity as an educational tool for the university. Specifically, the Blueprints visual scripting language, as it was believed that it could be easier to learn for students than the already established Unity engine. 

Most of the projects I worked on resembled experimental vignettes into what's possible with Unreal. Unlit represented our research group's "final" for the course as it tasked us with combining our efforts into a research showcase.

Inspired by the idea of only having light when the player shoots, we designed Metroid Prime inspired prototype that experiments with light to guide the player.

Project Length: 3 Months (Length of the entire study which involved multiple game demos/projects).

Team Size: 4

Languages: C#

Tools: Unreal Engine

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