Ramy Fawaz



Snagit Product Owner - TechSmith

Okemos, Michigan

2020 - Present

Fostered a new user-focused research standard for Snagit by organizing and hosting multiple Design Sprints, which helped define the strategic road map for the Templates and Simplified User Interface features.

Regularly communicated project goals to business stakeholders, engineers, designers, and customer support as the lead for the largest feature update in an upcoming Snagit release.

Curated a beta test plan, which included user surveys, workflow analytics, and guided exercises to evaluate our current designs’ effectiveness.

Software Engineer 2 - TechSmith

Okemos, Michigan

2015 - 2020

Programmed the JSON parsing system for Snagit Windows, allowing template file sharing across the Mac and Windows platforms.

Implemented the Smart Move feature on Snagit Mac, including integration and unit tests.

Contributed to multiple shipped Snagit releases with over 1,400 total programming commits in C++, C#, Objective-C, and Swift.

Defined and documented the user stories for the Simplified User Interfaces feature, which was approved by product owners and regularly referenced throughout the release.

• Maintained documentation for programming, design, and quality goals as a Technical Lead for the Snagit Windows team.

Founded multiple team norms to better adapt the agile workflow including sprintly pod demos, sprintly pod retros, and cross-platform communication.

Founded and led Snagit Events Committee throughout 2019  by organizing events and surveying coworkers to foster team relationships.


The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - Dungeon Expansion (Unity Engine)

Designed a new Zelda inspired dungeon that introduced a “lava” gameplay mechanic, additional enemies, items, and puzzles to the A Link to the Past experience.

Scripted modular gameplay systems in C#, including player movement, controller input, level transitions, character animation, combat, collision detection, and AI pathfinding. 

Garnered feedback through user playthroughs, resulting in design changes to fine-tune the dungeon's approachability, pacing, and overall "fun."

Authored a published research article, project goals, level layout in Adobe Photoshop, and a retrospective video to document the development process. 

Natural Perfection (Unity Engine)

Devised and programmed power-ups in a split screen multiplayer shooter for a Game Jam where the theme was "evolution."

Friends 'til the End (Unity Engine)

Designed and scripted the combat, controls, UI, camera, and RuneScape inspired mechanics for a four-person local multiplayer Battle Royale RPG. 

Maintained project documentation from the initial gameplay pitch to the final showcase presentation.

Unlit (Unreal Engine)

Evaluated the effectiveness of Unreal's Blueprint scripting language in an "Advanced Directed Study" dedicated to researching the use of Unreal at the University of Michigan for educational purposes.

Simon Says Kinect (Unity Engine)

• Developed a Microsoft Kinect based physical therapy game targeted at overcoming the strict user requirements of physically disabled patients at the local hospital. 

Game Criticism and Analysis

Created dozens of articles, videos, and podcast episodes analyzing/discussing video games, which attracted over 500,000 YouTube channel views.


Bachelors in Computer Science


University of Michigan

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Senior focus on Video Game Development and Research

American Management Association (AMA) Training


SAFe 4.0 Practitioner


Programming (C++/C#)

Adobe Creative Suite

Unity Engine

Microsoft Office

Unreal Engine


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