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Heart Containers is a video game blog that I have regularly updated throughout the past few years with discussions, editorials, and critiques on both games and the video game industry. The scope of topics in which I've covered ranges from design deep-dives, reviews, previews, opinion pieces, and historical editorials. 


I attribute the majority of my desire to further pursue game design from writing articles for the heart containers blog. I enjoyed taking deep dives into what makes certain games succeed or fail. Most recently, I wanted to discover what made The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past's dungeons so compelling. I wrote an article chronicling these efforts and then incorporated my findings in a dungeon design of my own.

Other highlights include a retrospective on the gameplay legacy of Metroid Prime, a review where I explain why Cadence of Hyrule was one of my favorite games of 2019, a recounting of the early history of Retro Studios, and a post highlighting the design changes I would make to improve Animal Crossing: New Horizons' crafting system. I encourage you to check out the entire blog here




In 2019 I launched the Heart Containers Podcast, a 3-day a week broadcast dedicated to sharing the latest Nintendo news. It was a wild learning experience, but after 49 episodes (one recorded live from E3 by the way!), I decided to place the show into a state of hibernation for the time being. 


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