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Freelance Nintendo

Freelance Nintendo is a YouTube channel I created to inspire more meaningful conversations about Nintendo's history, business, and game design. Like many others, my childhood instilled a deeply rooted appreciation for Nintendo. It's this love for all things Nintendo that jump-started my desire to produce video editorials that take a closer look at the company and its games. Creating these videos required me to make heavy use of Adobe's Creative Suite, including Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere, Audition, and After Effects.

These videos sometimes took up to a month to complete. My documentary on how Nintendo went from the GameCube to the Switch took weeks of research and writing before I even began the video editing process. The final product was a two-part 45-minute passion piece that I am immensely proud of.

The community reaction to FN was better than anything I could have anticipated. As of today, the channel sits at almost 7,000 subscribers and over 500,000 total views, but the most heartwarming metric of success was the feedback. My fan base is positively encouraging and inspires me to continue making videos whenever possible.


Here is a list of a few of my videos from the channel:

How the Wii and Wii U Redefined Nintendo (Part 1)

Don't ask me why, but I often find myself on Nintendo's investor relations page reading about the latest sales figures or comments reported by the company. It was during one of these soirees when I started to unravel the fascinating story of how Nintendo's strategy evolved throughout the Wii and Wii U era.

The project took months of planning, and the result was a two-part essay that may not have garnered a lot of clicks compared to my other content, but it's still number one in my heart.

From 64 to Zero - Star Fox Franchise Report

If Freelance Nintendo will be remembered for anything, it will be for the channel's "Franchise Report" series, which takes a deep dive into a specific Nintendo franchise to better explain how it came to be. My first report on the Metroid franchise was my first video to go "viral," and since then, I've had fun making more whenever I can.

Pokémon Sword and Shield - Did the Controversies Matter?

My most recent video asks the question: "did the controversies surrounding Pokémon Sword and Shield matter to the gameplay experience?" I got the chance to inject a lot of my personality into this video since I have a lengthy history with the franchise. I believe it is one of the most entertaining videos to watch on the channel.

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